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Get a quick refresher course on using the most common ‘date’ formulas in Airtable. Want dates to calculate automatically? Look no further. In this video we walk through the most common formulas pertaining to dates. Specifically, we explore (1) how to find the difference between two dates, (2) how to add time/days to a specific date, and (3) how to format your date to your precise specifications. We even throw in a bonus at the end to show you how to find the largest of multiple dates!
00:00 What this video covers
00:55 Setting up Date Fields
01:20 DATETIME_DIFF ( ) – find the difference between two dates
04:00 DATEADD ( ) – find a date by adding a unit of time to another date
05:58 DATETIME_FORMAT ( ) – format your date
08:20 Find the largest of multiple dates

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