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Logic Formulas are an important formula type to understand. The output of these formulas, while not very helpful in a vacuum, is often used in tandem with many other formulas. Therefore, building solid logic formulas is a vital skillset for all Airtable users. This video showcases the two most popular logic formulas: AND and OR formulas. These formulas work in very similar ways, both of them containing two outputs: TRUE (1) and FALSE (0). Taking these formulas and combining them with more advanced formulas can produce some truly robust calculations for any database!
00:00 Intro
00:44 Table (Data) Layout
01:19 Understanding the Formula Output
02:30 Writing an AND Formula
05:37 Writing an OR Formula
07:13 Nesting AND with OR
09:54 Analyzing our Formula Outputs
11:44 Get More Help

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