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When visitors land on the wrong URL of your website, they are usually greeted with a 404 error. A 404 error only implies that the accessed page is not found and is either moved to a new URL or removed from the website. Although 404 errors don’t affect your site’s search performance, it is a hassle to leave them unchecked when these URLs have any backlinks. By fixing these 404 errors regularly, you can improve your reader’s experience and ensure the best use of those backlinks. If you’re learning to fix 404 errors on your website, this visual walkthrough will help you monitor and fix 404 errors with Rank Math. If you’d like to navigate through this video tutorial

00:00 Intro
00:10 How to activate the 404 monitor
00:27 How the Simple Mode works
00:57 Change from Simple to Advanced Mode
01:18 Advanced Mode
01:49 Change the number of errors per page
02:06 Log limit settings
02:19 Search for specific errors
02:36 Reorder the URIs by Hits and Access Time
02:50 Exclude Paths setting
03:23 Ignore Query Parameters setting
03:37 How to handle the 404s: direct visitors
04:07 How to handle the 404s: referral visitors (includes redirections)
05:22 When to ignore 404s
05:35 Deleting 404s
05:40 Clear log option

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