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Want to block certain file types or restrict search engine crawlers from crawling certain parts of your website? That’s what a robots.txt file is for & through this video tutorial you will learn how to use robots.txt file like an expert.…

00:00 Introduction
01:25 Several Use Cases of Robots.txt
03:03 Language Of Search Engines
03:16 User-Agent
03:44 Disallow Rule
03:57 Allow Rule
04:25 Crawl-Delay Rule
04:34 Sitemap Directory
04:44 Robots.txt syntax
05:43 The Location Of Your Robots.txt
06:20 Managing Robots.txt with Rank Math
07:04 Default Robots.txt Rules
07:31 The Structure of a Robots.txt File
08:29 Block Filters and Sorting Pages
09:44 Block Internal Search Pages
11:20 Blocking Certain Paths of Your Website
11:45 Block Certain File Types On Your Website
12:41 Block All Web Crawlers Except One
13:06 How To Debug Robots.txt Errors
14:39 Outro

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