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Elementor: A Complete Tutorial
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In this lesson, we’ll learn the most efficient ways to create your pages layout with Elementor.
This lesson will teach you how to:
✓ Reduce the number of elements on a page
✓ Test your website’s pages speed
✓ Improve your page accessibility and rankings
✓ And much more!!
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0:00 Intro
0:47 Non-optimized vs optimized page
1:15 Testing the page’s performance
2:54 #1st section
8:05 How the header appears on mobile devices
9:49 Let’s see how the header section is optimized
10:15 #2nd section
11:50 Making your text clear
12:07 #3rd section
13:26 #4th section
14:40 #5th section
16:45#6th section
17:50 #7th section
20:04 Testing the page’s performance again
20:47 What about the interactions and motion effects?
21:26 Checking the page’s performance one more time

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