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Elementor: A Complete Tutorial
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This live event puts YOU in the spotlight. You will ask your questions in the live chat. Make sure they are Elementor “how-to” related. So we can show you how things are done. Our Expert has 90 seconds to solve them. When the time is up, you get to decide whether or not to continue to the next question. So, get your questions ready, and set a reminder to participate! And that’s not all, one of the participants who asked a question during the show will win an awesome prize*. We’ll announce the winner and the prize at the end of the show.
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0:00 Intro
2:35 Set specific category posts to full width
4:25 Add color palette top color picker
6:20 Customize a WP menu w/ Elementor
8:15″ Trigger a popup email leads collection form on button click
11:25 Make a circle text path rotate around an image on scroll
12:45 Make a scrolling text like a banner
14:40 Make site logo overlap the header into hero section
16:30 Set 100px offset on anchor links to compensate for header on scroll
18:34 Highlight parent nav page (breadcrumbs)
20:30 Set sticky widgets in 2 column layout when scrolling down liong content

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