Figma: Your Ultimate Interface Design Tool
About Lesson

This video is embedded from Youtube and here’s the original one.
In this series, we walk you through Figma fundamentals while building an app. This video will cover designing in Figma.
00:00 Create Design
00:32 Pages and set up
01:24 Measuring and Layout Grids
02:33 Corner Radius and Place Image
03:40 Text properties and Styles
05:40 Plugins, color, and accessibility
07:23 Auto Layout
10:20 Create Components
11:37 Clip Content
12:20 Overrides
13:06 Vector networks and boolean operations
16:04 Boolean operations
16:38 Create a navigation bar
18:13 Floating Action Button (FAB)
19:18Scrolling and Fix Position
20:53 Let’s recap

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