Figma: Your Ultimate Interface Design Tool
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In this series, we walk you through Figma fundamentals while building an app. This video will cover wireframing and exploring ideas.
00:00 Figma for Beginners
00:41 Create an Account and Team
01:06 Free Education account
01:14 Teams and Invite members
01:35  Wireframe an app and our app idea, Petma
02:05 The Editor (where you design)
02:30 Frames
03:20 Pan and Zoom
03:56 Creating new Layers
04:30 Layer’s panel hierarchy
04:57 Add an avatar
05:45 Stroke and Fill
06:28 Alignment and text
07:15 Placeholder Icons (rectangles)
07:45 Duplicating layers
08:11 Group Layer
09:13 Components and Libraries
10:03 Figma Community
11:38 Instances
12:00 Constraints
12:40 Additional Screens
13:28 Copy and paste between frames
13:48  Iterations and feedback
15:28 In the next video…

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