Figma: Your Ultimate Interface Design Tool
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Ready to level up your skills? Got five minutes? Join us for this brand new series, meant to level you up in a rapid-fire, tip stacked deep-dive on a topic. This time, I’m dropping all the fire tips and tricks I can, in five minutes.
00:00 Intro
00:34 Zooming selections
00:50 Layer selection keyboard shortcuts
01:15 Deep detaching all nested components
01:30 Image editing shortcuts
01:40 Changing interface size shortcuts
02:00 Toggling interface layers
02:10 Changing nudge size
02:40 Nudging color values
02:50 Using mousewheel to change colors
03:00 Using mousewheel to change opacity
03:10 Scrubbing fields
03:40 Drilling into nested layers
04:00 Setting and Ignoring constraints
04:15 Showing outlines
04:25 Using tidy to arrange and space out multiple elements
04:50 Creating multiple components at once
04:55 Batch renaming and organizing layers with regex
05:24 Making single sided borders
05:45 Inheriting text names
06:00 Navigating layers with the context menu

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