Graphic Design Fundamentals
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This video is embedded from Youtube and here’s the original one.
A compilation of 15 most common design mistakes committed by non-designers and amateur visual artists. They include how to avoid using too many words instead of visuals, Poor readability, and lack of negative space.
00:00 Intro
00:18 Avoid using words instead of visuals
00:45 Poor readability
01:12 Too many fonts
01:47 Not choosing the right colors
02:41 Lack of negative space
03:27 Place elements arbitrarily
03:32 Aligning
03:51 Failing to create contrast
04:27 Not scaling properly
04:59 Hard-to-read text
05:32 Inappropriate font combinations
06:10 Inadequate space between lines
06:35 Using raster images
07:23 Striving for
08:36 Not being consistent

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