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Graphic design principles, episode 01! We are taking a look at hierarchy in graphic design today. Hierarchy is everywhere you look when regarding design, specifically in todays video, hierarchy within graphic design. It is a fundamental principle of design that if you understand and master, your designs will be elevated to the next level, and you will surely gain moire clients and recognition as being a competent designer. All of the design principles have their time and place, but for me, hierarchy is one of the most useful to learn and know about. I am constantly using hierarchy on my designs, if it isn’t typography hierarchy, it is shapes, design assets and much more. So I do hope that you can walk away from todays video and feel that you have indeed learned something and have made a great step forward in mastering the notion of hierarchy!
00:00 Intro
00:11 Hierarchy
01:40 Several versions of hierarchy
03:07 Size
04:39 Wrap up

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