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Design Like An Expert: Canva Master Course
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Here’s your ultimate guide on how to create your Canva website in less than an hour! Step by step, you will learn how to make your own website using the new 2022 version of Canva Sites. It’s easy and fun! Canva Sites are fully responsive and you can now have your own custom domain, how cool is that?! We’ll be using mainly FREE features and a couple of premium ones too, but not to worry: this tutorial is accessible to EVERYONE! Note: at the moment of publishing, the Canva Sites feature was still in beta – the full rollout of the latest features may take some time to reach all users.
00:00 Intro
00:26 What are we going to create today
01:00 Hosting your Canva website on a domain you own
01:35 Important note: we are going to carry out the process of publishing a website, but we’re not going to be able to see the final outcome today
02:17 Let’s create your Canva website
02:48 About the different sections
03:24 Step #1: What you’ll need before starting
06:50 Step #2: Pick the right template
10:34 Step #3: Apply your Brand Identity
12:59 How to change the font of a text
14:50 Step #4: Write powerful website copy
15:37 Tips for a powerful copy
18:14 How to modify the length of a page
19:46 How to add rulers and guides
20:46 How to change the color of a text
24:04 Step #5: Craft visuals that will strengthen your message
25:27 How to create a different and cool portrait
27:44 How to create cool text boxes
28:59 How to add a page
29:48 How to create beautiful banners
34:23 How to embed videos and media
37:38 Add your Calls to Action (CTA)
39:14 How to link a button to an external URL
41:38 How to create clickable thumbnails
42:13 How to create visuals with irregular shapes and screenshots
47:29 Preview your website on every device
49:38 How to connect other apps to your website
50:20 How to find gifs
51:08 How to preview your website (desktop)
51:40 How to make your email address clickable
52:37 How to preview your website (tablet u0026 mobile)
53:18 Publishing your website
54:58 Publishing your Canva website for Free
56:53 How to view your existing domains
57:13 How to unlink a website
57:36 How to update your website
58:35 Buying your website domain via Canva
59:31 How to purchase a new domain via Canva

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