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Design Like An Expert: Canva Master Course
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This video is embedded from Youtube and here’s the original one.

Here’s how to make a simple wiggly text animation, easily and 100% for FREE with Canva! A great way to add movement to your designs, which will make them more dynamic and attractive! You’ll learn how to custom the text, how to animate and adjust the duration of the sequence, and finally how to download your animation. I hope you enjoy it!


0:00 Intro
0:38 Which users can access the Draw App
1:01 Select the document type
1:43 How to add text
2:03 How to adjust the size of the text box
3:51 How to find the Draw App
4:09 How to install the new Draw App
4:23 Start drawing the first text
4:44 How to adjust the duration of the scene
5:03 How to duplicate a scene
5:13 How to delete the drawing
5:46 Draw the third text
6:01 How to delete the text box
6:59 How to download the animation
7:35 Want to see the final outcome? Here it is!

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