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Design Like An Expert: Canva Master Course
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HOW TO CREATE SEAMLESS INSTAGRAM CAROUSEL USING CANVA FOR FREE. In today’s video, I will walk you through how to create an Instagram Carousel with Canva. This is a full Instagram carousel tutorial that shows you step-by-step how to design Instagram carousel and how to split it. If you want to grow on Instagram, carousels are great way to generate traction, get more saves and increase engagement. After you watch this video, you’ll know exactly what dimensions to choose, how to make the most of the space Instagram lets you use, how to create visual cues and include enticing calls to action throughout the post. Plus, I’m sharing a free tool to show you how to split a carousel image. This is a great tutorial to teach you how to post on Instagram without showing your face.
00:00 Intro
01:13 Tip #1 What are the best dimensions for Instagram Carousel
02:54 How to create slides
03:32 Adding background color
03:42 Adding text to Carousel
05:04 Tip #2 How to ensure none of the content is cut off
06:30 Adding elements (IG handle, arrows)
09:03 Adding elements to make the Carousel seamless
10:45 How to make a seamless Carousel by adding cut out images
13:02 What to include at the end of the carousel
14:24 Adding a stroke to the image
17:45 How to make sure our secondary calls to action are positioned correctly
22:05 Adding secondary Calls to Action (save u0026 like)
22:53 Download a finished Instagram Carousel
23:23 How to split Instagram Carousel using Pinetools
24:16 How to upload a Carousel to your Instagram

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