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Design Like An Expert: Canva Master Course
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This video is embedded from Youtube and here’s the original one.

Marketing your cause and leveraging the ubiquity of social media is key to spreading word quickly. 


0:00 Intro and presentation of Ben
1:06 What are we going to learn
3:36 Three keys to successful marketing
8:29 How to define your target audience
11:19 Why do people donate money
14:21 Know your target audience better
18:32 You should know the ROI of your marketing and advertising campaigns
20:57 Funnel marketing metrics
28:17 Make great content
29:56 What is lean marketing marketing sprints
32:31 Discover which posts performs
33:13 The only tool you need is a spreadsheet
38:28 Who you need to rectuit for your first marketing sprint
40:47 Q&As

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