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Find the Way With Breadcrumbs

The breadcrumbs are showing your visitors the path in which they came to the current content they are viewing. They will show all the higher-level pages/categories that led to the current content. 

These are navigational links which means that the visitor can easily return to any higher-level category simply by clicking on it.

Astra Walkthrough - Breadcrumbs, Astra 3.0
Find the Way With Breadcrumbs 4

Use the General tab to enable your breadcrumbs by choosing the Header Position (where should breadcrumbs be positioned in your header) or disable them by choosing “None”. In addition, you can disable breadcrumbs on specific pages by activating appropriate options from the list.

Also here you can set a Separator which will be used between the categories, as well as the Alignment.

Astra Walkthrough - Breadcrumb, General Settings, Astra 3.0+

Styling options for breadcrumbs are located in the Design tab.

Astra Walkthrough - Breadcrumb, Design Settings, Astra 3.0+
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