Astra Theme: Put Your Website Into Action
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This video is embedded from Youtube and here’s the original one.
In this Astra tutorial, I will show you how to fully customize the new Astra 2.0 to match your brand. Every setting is covered in a logical way.
00:00 Intro
00:45 Get started
01:27 Download Astra theme on WP
02:25 Astra settings
03:05 Select Page Builder
03:30 Choose a Demo Site
06:12 Customize your site
09:12 An overview of the options we’ll use
10:16 Additional options
10:35 Customizing the Global options
12:09 #1 Typography
13:01 #2 Colors
13:51 #3 Containers
14:55 #4 Buttons
16:33 Customizing the Header options
16:53 #1 Site identity
18:01 #2 Primary header
19:12  #3 Primary menu
21:15 #4 Transparent menu
23:57 Customizing the Breadcrumbs option
25:21 Customizing the Blog options
28:07 Customizing the Sidebar options
31:11  Customizing the Menu options
31:50 Customizing the Homepage settings
32:11  Customizing the Additional CSS
32:42Quick trick to enable the transparent header on a page-by-page basis
33:36 Plugin with a specific integration (WooCommerce
34:50  A quick look at the Pro version of Astra
37:06   Wrap up

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