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This video is an in-depth guide to activating, designing, and implementing a sticky header within Astra. Not only does it show you how to do all these things, but the video also explains your options and the effects of each option. Done well, sticky headers provide all the advantages of instant navigation with none of the distracting downsides. They are ideal for eCommerce sites, single-page websites, and well many other types of sites. Sticky headers provide a sense of control when using a page. They give users confidence by showing them that there is always a way out wherever on your website they go. Visitors can freely explore safely in the knowledge they can always find their way home. It’s a simple but powerful way to increase engagement, improve usability, and extend time on the page! Astra WordPress themes using the Astra Pro plugin support sticky headers so we thought it might be useful to have one of our design team walk you through the process of adding a sticky header to an Astra template. The Astra Pro plugin offers some powerful options for creating unique and useful sticky headers. While we do everything we can to make everything easy to use, it is easy to get lost. This video should help. Not only will you learn how to design and build a sticky header, but we also explain every option you have open to you in order to provide the clearest idea of what is possible with sticky headers. It isn’t often you have a developer walk you through how to use one of their themes but this is one of them.

00:00 Introduction
00:15 Before you can use the Sticky Header
01:15 Using Sticky Header
02:26 Sticky Header Options
03:22 Page-level controls for Sticky Header
04:41 Other Sticky Header Options
09:17 Device controls for Sticky Header
10:20 Element customization for Sticky Header

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