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You know you’re supposed to have a professional LinkedIn profile picture and write catchy headlines, but there’s so much more you can do to optimise your LinkedIn profile and make the most of this social media platform! We kick off with a bunch of awesome LinkedIn tools to help you optimise your profile, evaluate your Social Selling Index and deep dive into analytics on your data to upgrade your LinkedIn efforts. Want a better understanding of how the LinkedIn algorithm distributes your content when you post on the platform? There are quite a few steps from the point you hit publish until your post reaches to your connections, including how you want people to engage with your post. Explore our 7 bite-sized LinkedIn tips that you can use right now to boost your profile. Any changes on LinkedIn over the last few months? Take a look at some of most helpful new features that help you build value and boost your LinkedIn profile. The power of the platform can be leveraged by building a strong LinkedIn marketing strategy, but consistency is always paramount.
00:00 Introduction
00:47 Tool no.1: LinkedIn Review Tool from Resume Worded
01:05 Tool no.2: LinkedIn Sales Solutions
01:16 Tool no.3: Photofeeler
01:31 Tool no.4: Shield Analytics
01:43 What about Algorithms?
02:51 Tips to have a better LinkedIn Distribution
03:49 Recent changes to the platform
04:23 The importance of scheduling
05:02 Tips to enhance your presence on LinkedIn
05:50 Tool no.5: Crystal Knows


Download the list of our favourite LinkedIn tools here.

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