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In this video, we will guide you through the four-step process for creating data-driven learning and development journeys.

Adapting to change rapidly is actually very difficult. Deloitte found that Business productivity has not kept pace with technological progress. Skills are decaying faster than ever, and there is a paradox of choice on what to learn next.

There is a growing digital skills gap. And traditional learning & development isn’t set up to support the learning needed.

But we can change this!
00:00 Introduction
01:40 Elements to build a self-learning organization
02:00 The 4-step process for data-driven learning journeys
02:10 #1 Define
02:34 The Learning Staircase
02:57 What is capability?
04:48 #2 Diagnose
05:23 Measuring capabilities
06:36  #3 Deliver
08:26 #4 Measure

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