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n a world of accelerating change, lifelong learning or continuous learning is the most important long term investment a company can make. We believe that methodically investing in continuous lifelong learning has the highest return on investment of any business activity. In this video, we will explore what continuous learning is. Why continuous learning is the highest ROI activity your organisation can implement, and four actionable steps to becoming a continuous learning organisation.
00:00 Introduction
01:36 The single biggest driver of business impact
04:27 Compound interest in action
04:56 Companies fail at
05:35 Recruitment is a zero-sum game
07:38  Step no.1
09:35 Shift focus to potential
10:12 Shift recruitment policy to value potential
10:37 Empower employers to experiment, fail, and learn
11:08 Democratize experiment and learning
11:17 What barriers do you currently face in testing ideas
11:37 Step no.2
12:11 Measure skills and capabilities
12:38 Strategise based on the skills gap
14:11 Without compromising short term goals and productivity
15:04  Focus on practical skills over theory
15:31 The 70:20:10 learning model
16:03 Continuous learning requires habit forming
16:36  Humans are more sensitive to social proof
16:51 Actively reward employees for developing skills and capabilities
17:15 Create a reward structure
17:24 Find intrinsic rewards to motivate people
17:46 Measure learning through metrics
18:11 Number of people who participated
19:00 Future proof
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