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Copywriting. Lots of you out there may think there are a gifted few, let’s say 1% of the population who can write impactful, beautiful copy. And the rest of us can only watch on as we are left behind. It’s not true. Everyone can be a copywriter to some degree. These days there are lots of tools out there that can help you quickly fix most copywriting processes. So you too can write copy that sings. Or at least doesn’t embarrass you with basic grammatical mistakes.
00:00 Introduction
00:58 Copywriting Tool #1 – Grammarly 
01:13 Copywriting Tool #2 – Hemingway Editor
01:34 Copywriting Tool #3 – Articoolo
01:49 Copywriting Tool #4 – Headlime
02:21 Copywriting Tool #5  – Crystal Knows
02:43 Copywriting Tool #6  –
03:18 Copywriting Tips

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