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To explain what is required from a growth marketer, we need to start with what growth marketing isn’t. Then go through the exciting concepts and mindset that need to be adopted to become a growth marketer. In this video, Growth Marketing Trainer Alain tells you what a Growth Marketer is not and then what a Growth Marketer is so that you can begin to adopt this role’s innovative way of thinking in your work. And unlock growth like a growth marketer. Plus, there will be plenty of tips and tools to take away and use as always.
00:00 Introduction
00:59 What a Growth Marketer is not? Growth Marketer Myth #1
01:51 Growth Marketer Myth #2
03:01 Growth Marketer Myth #3
03:21 What a Growth Marketer is? Growth Marketer Truth#1
04:11 Growth Marketer Truth #2
05:12 Growth Marketer Truth #3
05:57 Popular Concepts Used by Growth Marketers: Concept #1
06:27 Concept #2
08:54The Growth Marketer Mindset: Thinking #
Thinking #2
10:18 Thinking #3

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