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Using Invideo Like A Pro: A Complete Guide
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The general thumb-rule of video editing is that you want your audience to be focussed on your video’s story and messaging and not on the intricacies of your edits- the more noticeable the edits, the more distracted they are from engaging with you message and taking action on it. So in today’s video we run you through 3 types of cuts that are guaranteed to make your video look more seamless so your audience can notice your cuts less and your video more- J cuts, L cuts and Match cuts.
00:00 Why using the right cuts at the right time is so critical to creating seamless videos
00:50 What are J-cuts
03:20 What are match cuts
04:04 How to do a graphic match cuts
05:26 How to do a match on action
06:18 How to do a sound bridge

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