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Using Invideo Like A Pro: A Complete Guide
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One of the most important concepts to master when it comes to video editing is TRANSITIONS. You want your video transitions to be seamless so that they don’t take away attention from your story and keep the audience immersed in your narrative. But this could be a challenge, especially if you’re new to video editing since you don’t know about the different types of transition options that are available to use and when to use them best. That’s why we put together this ready-reckoner list of 13 of the most used video transitions that’ll instantly help you become a better video creator.
00:00 What makes transitions so important to the video editing process?
00:48 How to use the standard cut
02:55 How to use jump cuts
03:35 How to use L-cuts and J-cuts
05:23 How to use a cross-dissolve/fade
06:30 How to use the wipe transition
07:03 How to use the film roll-in transition
07:29 How to use a cross-zoom
08:01 How to use light leaks + glitches
08:54 How to use a camera pan transition
09:43 How to use a camera whip transition
10:10 How to use an object-block transition
11:23 How to use a breaker clip / montage as a transition
12:14 How to use a time-lapse transition

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