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Using Invideo Like A Pro: A Complete Guide
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If there’s one key element of the video creation process that can have a massive impact on how your videos look and feel, then it’s your lighting set-up. But the unfortunate part is that most creators who are just starting out will over-index on their camera equipment instead of following proven video lighting tips that have shown results in the past. So in this step-by-step video lighting for beginners tutorial we’ll take you through 5 video lighting tips that’ll instantly make your videos look more cinematic and help you retain your audiences for longer.
00:00 What makes your lighting setup so important
00:44 Tip 1: Lighting the subject well
01:45 Tip 2: Steer clear of overhead lighting
02:35 Tip 3: Always shoot from the opposite side of your light source
03:25 Tip 4: Preferably, use the standard 3-point lighting set-up
04:32 Tip 5: Avoid lighting fro multiple sources

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