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Using Invideo Like A Pro: A Complete Guide
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If you’re a video creator, stock footage can be an absolute life-saver. But you do need to know when to use it and most importantly, how to integrate it seamlessly into your project. So in this video we take you through 6 key tips that will instantly help you use stock footage more seamlessly in your videos and make them seem like your own footage.

00:00 Stock footage can be a life saver
00:45 Most common scenarios where stock footage is gonna come in handy
04:15 How you can easily find premium stock footage for free
04:55 Tip #1: take the time to find the right clips
06:58 Tip #2: try to match the location as much as possible
08:48 Tip #3: try zooming in on clips that are not an exact match
10:18 Tip #4: add overlays to make your stock clips look seamless
11:36 Tip #5: spend some time editing your audio

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