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Using Invideo Like A Pro: A Complete Guide
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If you’re just starting out on shooting your own footage, the one thing you’d definitely want to pay attention to how you’re using depth of field to ensure your audience experiences your video the same way as you want them to. Depth of field is what makes your favourite YouTuber stand out from their background, and depth of field is also what lets you experience your their vlogs as if you are in them walking hand in hand with them in their adventures and misadventures. So in this video, we break down the 3 types of depth of field that are most frequently used by PRO creators and filmmakers and how they can be mixed and matched to keep your audience hooked to your videos
00:00 What makes depth of field so important
00:45 Understanding depth of field
01:05 What is deep depth of field
01:35 What is shallow depth of field
03:00 What is rack focus and how can it be used?

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