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Using Invideo Like A Pro: A Complete Guide
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Whether you’re just starting out with creating videos or have been doing this for a while, there are a few fundamental editing tips that can instantly level up your video creation skills and help you cut footage like a PRO! And that’s exactly what we cover in this video- we take you through 6 simple editing tips that when incorporated into your editing workflow can help you bring out your story and retain your audiences for much longer.
00:00 Intro
00:30 Tip 1: Watch all your footage before you even start editing
01:20 Tip 2: Think of how you want to use music in your video
02:12 Tip 3: Make sure the visual changes every 4-5 secs
03:20 How to add a B-roll on InVideo
04:20 Tip 4: Use cuts and transitions sparingly and intentionally
05:24 Tip 5: Use text to your advantage
05:58 Tip 6: Spend time finding the perfect music track for your video

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