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Using Invideo Like A Pro: A Complete Guide
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f you’re a beginner video creator, shooting your own footage can seem daunting and time-consuming. Not to mention that your videos may still not look cinematic even after putting in all of that sweat and time. But if you master a few basic videography tips for beginners, your journey to becoming a PRO creator can be reduced by months if not years! So in this video, we take you through 6 super useful videography tips for beginners that every creator should know, and how you can apply them to your videos to instantly make them look better.
00:00 The one key change that you would want to make to your lighting set-up
00:45 Videography tip 1: Always plan your shots and shoot to edit
02:35 Videography tip 2: Do a recce of your location beforehand
03:15 Videography tip 3: Avoid hand-held footage as far as possible
04:25 Videography tip 4: Lock exposure and focus before you hit record
05:07 Videography tip 5: Pay attention to how you compose your shots
06:00 Videography tip 6: Find ways to add movement to your clips

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