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Using Invideo Like A Pro: A Complete Guide
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Do you know the #1 reason why some brands like Netflix, Buffer and Amazon enjoy massive organic reach on LinkedIn while others like Spotify don’t? We did the groundwork for you to put together this video where we cover 5 LinkedIn video ideas that will help you work with LinkedIn’s algorithm in 2022 and generate more engagement and reach for your posts. Not just that, but we also show you a way to find ready-to-use templates with these LinkedIn video ideas that you can use to hit the ground running for your brand.
00:00 Why some brands get massive engagement on LinkedIn while others don’t
00:43 How does LinkedIn organise content on your feed
02:36 LinkedIn video idea #1: Compelling customer stories
04:24 LinkedIn video idea #2: Your brand’s milestones
05:22 LinkedIn video idea #3: Short explainer videos
07:28 LinkedIn video idea #4: Take your audience behind the scenes
08:40 LinkedIn video idea #5: Highlight social issues you care about 

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