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Using Invideo Like A Pro: A Complete Guide
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What comes to you mind when we say transitions? Do you think of cool camera movements like a whip or a pan, or do you think of fancy visual effects such as light leaks and cross-fades? While these look awesome when you are creating short form videos they are not something that get used frequently by filmmakers. Instead, what PRO creators use are audio transitions like swoosh and boom sounds to seamlessly move the viewer from one scene to another. So in this video, we’ll introduce you to audio transitions and how you can use sound effects to transition between your clips
00:00 Why do you need audio transitions over video transitions
01:00 How to use audio effects with visual effects to make your transitions more seamless
02:00 How to use only audio effects to transition between scenes
02:28 More examples of how audio effects can be used to transition between scenes
03:09 How to think of and pick the right audio effects for your transitions

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