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Using Invideo Like A Pro: A Complete Guide
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The easiest way to ensure your footage and edits align with your vision for a video is to create an effective storyboard for it. And contrary to popular belief, you don’t need to know how to draw or sketch to be able to create good storyboards. In this video we’ll take you through two super simple and easy ways that you can use to create storyboards for your videos, even if you’ve never created one before. The best part- one of them doesn’t require you to draw or sketch whatsoever.

Links shared in the video 

Visual storyboard template:…
Text-based storyboard template:  

00:00 Why is storyboarding so important?
00:58 How to create a visual storyboard with stick figures
01:52 Components of a storyboard
04:02 How to create a text-based storyboard

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