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Using Invideo Like A Pro: A Complete Guide
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It’s not something you hear about often enough, but establishing proper rhythm in video editing can single-handedly take your video from looking like a video that was put together in minutes on Windows Movie Maker to a cinematic video that keeps your audience glued to the screen till the last minute. So in this video, we dig deep into what makes rhythm in video editing and rhythm in film editing such a crucial component of the video creation process and how can you use it to create more compelling stories and videos.
00:00 Why is Rhythm so important in your videos
00:40 What is Rhythm in video editing
01:58 The thumb-rule for rhythm in editing
03:19 Standard duration of cuts in a scene
04:10 How to maintain rhythm with match cuts
04:59 How to maintain rhythm with B-rolls
06:05 How to maintain rhythm with graphics on screen

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