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Using Invideo Like A Pro: A Complete Guide
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This video is embedded from Youtube and here’s the original one
Music sets the mood for your videos and can single-handedly let you connect to your audience at a much deeper level. But what seldom gets spoken about enough is how can you choose the right music for your videos and how can you cut your footage to that music for a truly immersive experience. So in this video, we show you how you can find music for your videos, what factors should you take into account to choose music for your videos, and how you can edit your videos seamlessly to a music track.
00:00 Why does music play such an important role
00:28 What factors should you pay attention to while selecting the music track
02:16Mistakes to avoid while selecting the music track
02:55 How to create an immersive experience with sound effects
03:40 How to find thousands of royalty-free music tracks within the InVideo library
03:50 How to edit to the music

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