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Using Invideo Like A Pro: A Complete Guide
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The one thing that remains common across all video creators is that we all start with making videos that are not that great! And that’s perfectly find as it’s still so much better than not starting out at all. But there are a few common video editing mistakes that most beginner video editors make that can easily avoided and can help you get to creating better videos much faster! So in this video we cover the 8 most common video editing mistakes that beginner video editors make and we will also show you how you can easily fix them using InVideo’s super intuitive online video editor.
00:00 It’s okay to make editing mistakes!
0:40 Video editing mistake 1: Not properly organising your files
02:02 Video editing mistake 2: Jumping into the edit without having a workflow
03:16 Video editing mistake 3: letting video clips run for too long
04:15 Video editing mistake 4: Too many jump cuts
05:10 Video editing mistake 5: Not cutting on action
05:55 Video editing mistake 6: Over using transitions
06:45 Video editing mistake 7: Not paying enough attention to audio
09:17 Video editing mistake 8: Inconsistent graphics

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